How To Solve Hp Printer Scanner Error 13?

There are various models of hp printers which are used by the customers, and there are many errors display on the screen of the computer, and the reason of those errors means that the printer is not working properly. There are different codes, and every code has its solution; therefore, today here in this post. We are going to mention the steps to solve Hp Printer Scanner Error 13? and hence the clients who are facing this error and are looking for the solution, so for all of them, we have here provided the steps, so follow the steps as instructed here below.

There is a valid reason behind the occurrence of the error, and every mistake has a different solution, and here we have discussed the resolution of the error code 13. The error 13 means the hp printer jam because of the paper issue.

Apart from the error 13, there are many different issues like Hp printer paused point, error related to Hp printer driver or Hp printer ink problem and much more. Therefore, for all these types of failure, the professionals of hp are ready to serve their clients, as their service is available throughout the day and night, so clients are welcome to avail assistance whenever they feel so.

Steps to fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00 in HP 4200 4250 4300 4350

All clients are suggested to follow the Steps to fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00 in HP 4200 4250 4300 4350, and we hope that with the help of these steps, it would be easy for all of them to get rid of the error 13. Therefore, follow the steps as instructed here below.

Step 1:- Check the Paper

  • At the initial stage, carefully check the entire path to see the stuck piece of paper.

Step 2:- Removing the Paper Tray 2

  • If you have tried the above step and it does not work, then try to remove your paper tray and your toner cartridge to be safe.

Step 3:- Verify Paper Width Sensor Moving

  • Now you are supposed to locate a paper width sensor and should ensure that it is moving freely or not.

Step 4:- Check Pre-feed Sensor Flag Moving

  • Now if the paper feed assembly has removed, then carefully check that the pre-feed sensor flag (PS102) is moving correctly.
  • After this, go to the top of the page sensor and then verify that the sensor arms move freely there.
  • Note: Kindly check that the pre-feed sensor (PS102) installed correctly.

Step 5:- Check Fuser Sensor and Jam

  • After this, you need to locate the fuse sensor and check the paper jam and carefully look for the possible paper scrap stuck.

Step 6:- Replace the DC controller PCA

  • You should try to replace the DC controller PCA. Now if the error comes frequently, then proceed to the next step as mentioned here below.

Step 7:- Put the Cartridge and Paper Tray

  • Now put a piece of cardboard same having the width of a piece of paper.
  • Cardboard exiting from the top cavity means you can stop it.
  • After this, slowly remove the cardboard from the bottom cavity of the printer. After then you have to need to put the cartridge and paper tray back in the printer and restart the device.

If after trying all these steps, the error does not fix, then please do take hp printer help from the professional. The experts of hp are trained enough and are always there to assist their clients, and if any client gets trouble with their hp printer, then they are suggested to feel free to take Hp printer help from them.

If you all are satisfied with the steps provided here in this post, then please do share this post with your near and dear ones who are also getting the same error.

Updated: March 8, 2019 — 4:30 am

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