How to Reset an HP Colour Cartridge?

Hp printers come with the embedded chips, which has two primary functions. One is to count the number of pages printed, and other is to prevent the printer from running out of the ink. The printer estimates the ink level by counting printed pages. Then, the chip saves the information, and an estimation gets made. If you transfer the Hp printer cartridge into a second printer, the printer will estimate the same ink level.

Earlier these features were not there in the Hp printer, but with the help of advanced technology, the user gets the notification, if the defined number of pages gets printed.

If you are using a Hp printer, and you are getting a warning to reset Hp colour cartridge, then it will take about two minutes to reset the Hp printer cartridge. Here we have discussed some Hp printer troubleshooting steps that would be helpful for all of you to reset Hp colour cartridge, therefore, follow the steps as mentioned here below.

Reset HP Cartridges 57, 28, and 22

Here we have discussed the Hp printer troubleshooting steps to  Reset HP Cartridges 57, 28, and 22, so kindly read the whole information penned here below and then follow the same as instructed here. We hope that the info penned here would be helpful for all of you.

  • First of all, check the refill Hp printer cartridge. On the bottom of the cartridge, there are six copper contact strips.
  • Now carefully place the Hp printer cartridge infront of you, facing copper contact strips towards you. Each strip has multiple small squares called contacts.
  • After this, carefully place tape over the top contact in the second column.
  • Kindly place the hp printer cartridge in the printer, ignore the Hp printer error displayed on the printer.
  • Now print a test page.
  • Remove the cartridge from the printer and then leave the tape ON.
  • Now take another piece of tape and place it over the top contact in the sixth row.
  • Take the Hp printer cartridge and then place it into the printer.
  • Ignore the cartridge error message displayed on the screen.
  • Now remove the Hp printer cartridge from the printer and take off the tape.
  • Place the cartridge back into the printer, and now the ink level will read full.

Reset HP Cartridges 45 and 15

  • Carefully examine the Hp printer cartridge that has get refilled.
  • There are six copper contact call strips on the bottom of the Hp printer cartridge.
  • Each of these strips has multiple small squares called contacts.
  • Now carefully place a piece of tape over the top four contacts in the first column.
  • Kindly place the cartridge in the printer, if any error message displays on the printer then ignore it. After this, your printer should print a test page.
  • Now remove the cartridge from the printer and also remove the tape.
  • Once you have removed the cartridge, then place another piece of tape over top-four contacts in the sixth row.
  • Place the printer cartridge into the printer.
  • Again ignore the hp printer error message, print a test page from the printer.
  • Now remove the cartridge and the take the tape off.
  • Place the printer cartridge back to its original position into the printer.

We hope that the Hp printer troubleshooting steps provided above were helpful for all of you. Thus, if you have applied the method mentioned above, then please do share this with your near and dear ones, so that they can also get a better way to fix the Hp printer error. But, if anyhow the message continues to display on the screen, then take your device to the Hp printer service and get an appropriate solution for the same.

Updated: April 11, 2019 — 9:50 am

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