How To Fix Hp Error Code 49.4c02?

If you are using Hp printer and you encounter Hp Error Code 49.4c02, then there could be any reason behind this type of brother printer error, but one of the most common reasons behind could be the lousy quality connections or cables, invalid commands of print, get direct cards, old and outdated driver. If this error occurs once then it is fine, but when the error occurs again and again, then it becomes a headache, so here in this post for all of you we have provided some simple and easy Hp printer troubleshooting steps, so we hope that the steps penned here would be helpful for all of you.

If you are a victim of Hp Error Code 49.4c02, and you are searching for the solution, then here for all of you we have provided some resolution, we hope that with the help of these steps, it would be easy for all of you to get relief from the Hp printer error.

How to resolve HP printer error 49.4c02

For all users of Hp printer, we have here provided some Hp printer troubleshooting steps. Therefore, all clients are recommended to follow the steps as instructed here below. If after trying these steps, the error does not get resolved then, all troubled clients are suggested to avail Hp printer help from the experts of Hp.

Check the network connection:

  • First of all, check the LAN connection, and reboot your device once.
  • Now make sure your printer shows up the “Ready mode.”
  • Now to fix the issues, try to print the configuration page, and then go to the menu and select print configuration.
  • Now if you can print the configuration page, you must fix the network connection to retain the stable performance.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot network issues:

  • Initially configure the IP address first.
  • Now one must upgrade the firmware of your printer, once it shows the Ready mode.
  • Re-install the drivers for your printer.

Solution 2:

Clear the Printing queues by removing the stuck printing jobs

  • First of all, go to Start option and then Printers and Faxes.
  • Start the printing Queue, and if nothing is necessary, you can remove the printing jobs from the queue.
  • After this, delete each job from the queue and make sure everything is clear. Try to print again.

Solution 3:

Update the Firmware of your Hp printer

In order to check the status of the printer’s firmware, you can try the following methods:

  • Print the configuration page of your printer.
  • On the printed copy of the configuration page, you can see the “Firmware Date Code”, and the Firmware version.
  • Now, check the date and if it’s too old, update it immediately.

We hope that you all are pleased with the Hp printer troubleshooting steps, and the details penned here by our team. And thus, all clients are recommended to get the issue resolved in a short period, and if the client fails to fix the Hp printer error by their own, then they all are suggested to take their device to the nearest Hp printer service center and get relief from the Hp printer error.

Updated: March 15, 2019 — 7:57 pm

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