How to Fix Error 49 in HP Printers?

These days, it is essential to know how to fix Error 49 in hp printer, as this type of error arises because of the internal communication issue where the firm has led to a critical error, and the formatted processor has naturally aborted its operation.

Hp printer has the features that they record the error code and make it display on the screen of the computer so that the user can quickly fix the issue. It is told that error 49 is a severe cause of lousy printing command, corrupted data, various invalid operations, firmware, formatted, or even it is possible due to EIO card or memory accessories.

Printers are certainly making work faster, and there are many errors which the users face while working, and one of the most common mistakes is 49, which occurs due to some technical reason, therefore, here we have provided some simple and easy steps through which it could be easy for all the troubled clients to get rid of the error.

What Causes HP Printer Error 49?

  • Invalid print commands
  • Damaged data transfer
  • Invalid operations
  • Registry errors


If you are using a Hp printer and you face error 49, then you must be aware of how to remove the barrier, therefore, for all of you, we have here penned some simple and easy steps to get rid from error 49, so all clients are suggested to follow the steps as mentioned here below.

Step 1: Power-Off Phase

  • First of all power off the device and then disconnect all communication cables like the Network, USB, or Parallel cable.
  • Now wait for 30 seconds and then turn On the printer back, then if the error 49 remains the same, then it means that there is some issue with the communication between the computer and network.

Step 2: Managing the Printer

  • Unplug the printer and then disconnect all accessories such as EIO cards, memory, extra trays, a duplexer (if removable), and envelope feeder.
  • If the error does not exist, after you power on the printer, then start reinstalling the part one at a time, by powering off before you go ahead with the installation phase of each part till you find the error cause.
  • Next, to fix this type of error, the firmware needs to be updated.

Step 3:  Further Method

  • If the error 49 is present in the printer after removing the possible causes, then go with a cold reset or NVRAM initialization method first.
  • A cold reset will remove all minor stored memory settings such as control panel settings or internal and external jet direct settings.
  • The NVRAM is more exclusive and as well as clear all internal memories such as error logs and other possible counters.
  • If the error 49 continue to exist, then it is advised to take Hp printer help from the professional.
  • The clients are suggested to take their printer to the authorized Hp printer service center and ask the experts to resolve the error 49.

As the technicians of Hp promises to provide 100% customer satisfaction to their clients and they are always ready to assist their clients. So we hope that the details provided in this were helpful for all of you and if you all are satisfied with the steps mentioned above.

Updated: February 23, 2019 — 1:46 pm

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